A Demon Is Photographed On The Streets Of Phoenix In New Year


Richard Christianson was in the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, in New Year, when he saw a great dark figure roaming the road, reported Fox 32 Chicago News. Richard said it appeared to have horns on his head and long, broad wings. The image clearly shows a colossal figure in the darkness with wings and two protuberances protruding from the head.

 Apparently there were several other witnesses who also saw the sinister figure, but have wanted to remain anonymous for the time being. After this meeting, Richard decided to publish the photograph in his Facebook profile on Sunday, January 1, 2017 with the following description: “What the hell do you see in the picture?”.  Since its publication, the image has been shared more than 85,000 times, with more than 10,000 comments and over 6,600 likes.

Some experts in the field say that the image is really disturbing in different levels, because it points to a type of apocalypse. Apparently, when you start seeing these beings on Earth, it can only mean that the world could be coming to an end. The passages of the Bible mention that demonic entities roam freely on Earth in the darkest days.

But there are also those who believe that the mysterious winged figure in Phoenix is not really a demon, but rather an angelic being. And there are also those who believe that the demon can be some kind of extraterrestrial being accessing our reality.

Although the image has become a viral phenomenon and most people believe that it is a demonic being, skeptics say that what you can see in the photo is simply a palm. Leaving all theories aside, what we know for sure is that the enigmatic figure appeared in the darkness of the night, in its present form for a short period of time.

This demon or angel did not try to contact anyone, as far as we know. So what this unidentified being was doing in Phoenix is quite a mystery. Is it possible that its appearance is related to some type of imminent catastrophe?


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