Strange ‘Creature’ Photographed During Full Moon?

A couple of photos taken during a recent full moon have left viewers perplexed due to what appears to be the presence of some kind of entity that suddenly appears in the second image.

The photographs were posted to Reddit by a person who had purportedly received the images from a friend who was baffled by what they had captured on film.

While the first image is simply a photo of the full moon, the strange second image shows a diminutive ‘entity’ that seems to be walking across the lawn of a home that had been barren just seconds earlier.



The anomaly looks to be casting a shadow on the lawn, meaning that it was not a smudge on the camera.

As one might expect, the photo set of a firestorm of speculation with opinions including paranormal suggestions, like a ghost or an elemental, and the standard skeptical argument that the story is a hoax.

Given that very little is known about the source of the photos and that the scene feels rather contrived, one would be wise to use caution before concluding that the image shows an elf or a leprechaun.

Then again, a breathtaking full moon just might be the kind of event that would draw ‘nature spirits’ out of hiding at least for a brief moment as they sneak into our realm for a glimpse of the event.


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  1. Daniel says:

    the image is focused, but the figure is blurry, how is that possible?


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